Recommendation System: Data Preprocessing

Cleaning the data and preparing it for training

  • Bijon Setyawan Raya

  • October 25, 2023

    2 mins

    Music Recommendation Sytem (4 Parts)


    I am going to seperate this post into two parts: the technical part and the insight part. The technical part consists of how I prepared, passed, and predicted the data. While the insight part consists of the result of the prediction and what the prediction tells me.

    The dataset consists of my favorite songs from my own playlists, and each column represents different aspects of the song.

    Each aspect represents:

    1. popularity
    2. acousticness
    3. danceability
    4. duration_ms
    5. energy
    6. instrumentalness
    7. key
    8. liveliness
    9. mode
    10. speechiness
    11. tempo
    12. time_signature
    13. valence

    For more details what each aspect entails, you can check out Spotify's documentation.