AI Coding Assistant

"AI coding helper + Python on the browser"
25 December 2023

Tech stacks:

  1. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  2. Ollama API
  3. Lllama 2.0

This was a project made out of frustration since my significant other has been bothering me to help her solve her coding problems. Can you imagine how annoyed I was to the point that I made this project? 😂

How it works

This project has three componetns:

  1. Python Web Assembly compiler
  2. Ollama
  3. Lllama 2.0

This project consists of one HTML file where HTML, CSS, and JavaScript meet together. In the HTML file, I embeded a Python Web Assembly compiler so that one should not have to send their code to the backend and wait for the response. Instead, the code is compiled in the locally in the browser and thus reducing the latency significantly. At the same, I make sure Ollama is running in the background locally waiting for any requests from the frontend.

If there were any errors after running the code, the frontend will send the entire code as a API request to Ollama to analyze the code. Once the code analysis is done, Ollama will keep streaming the generated explanation to the frontend.