08 May 2024

Recurrent Neural Networks

Predicting stock prices with Long Short-Term Memory

07 May 2024

Convolutional Neural Networks

Detecting presence of pneumonia using neural networks

07 May 2024

Setting up Deep Learning Environment

Isolating Python environments with Conda without hassle

06 May 2024

Introduction to Neural Networks

A journey on learning neural networks

05 May 2024


The best version of all adaptive learning rate optimization algorithms

04 May 2024


Reducing the aggresive learning rate decay in Adagrad using the twin sibling of Adadelta

03 May 2024


Reducing the aggresive learning rate decay in Adagrad

01 May 2024


Parameter updates with unique learning rate for each parameter

30 April 2024

SGD with Nesterov

A more conscience version of Stochastic Gradient Descent with Momentum

27 April 2024

SGD with Momentum

Fast convergence using Stochastic Gradient Descent with Momentum

17 February 2024

Blinking LED

My attempt in learning embedded software development

08 February 2024

Ridge Regression

Redoing Ridge Regression from scratch in Python

05 February 2024

Lasso Regression

How to create Lasso Regression and how it can handle multicollinearity

24 December 2023

Logistic Regression

Redoing Logistic Regression from scratch in Python

05 December 2023

Image Compression with SVD

Minimizing the number of singular values used to reconstruct an image

13 June 2023

Pi Value Approximation

A collection of Monte Carlo experiments using Julia

04 April 2022

Stochastic Gradient Descent

Minimizing cost functions with less data points

03 March 2022

Mini-Batch Gradient Descent

Updating the parameters after seeing a subset of the dataset

16 February 2022

Batch Gradient Descent

Linear Regression + Batch Gradient Descent in Python

13 February 2022

Mathematics of Gradient Descent

A mathematical adventure into Gradient Descent

01 February 2022

Linear Regression

A gentle introduction to Linear Regression

11 January 2022

Introduction to Gradient Descent Algorithm

It's about to go down! 👇